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This is a web site owned by Peter Vanvliet. Its primary focus is to document the construction of my model railroad, which is based on the Pennsylvania Railroad's "Chartiers" branch as it existed in the summer of 1924. The models are in S-scale (1:64). This web site is updated every Friday afternoon/evening. The past month's updates are shown further below.

My layout is modular/sectional in nature, currently consisting of only one module. This first module is now over one year old and I am happy with its design and construction. You can learn about all the details of it on this web site, or read my story in the August 2021 issue of The S Scale Resource magazine.

A recently-completed Ford Model T, on a mini diorama for testing static grass.

All photos on this web site are copyright © Peter Vanvliet, unless otherwise indicated; All Rights Reserved.

My first module is centered around the Hazel mine coal tipple in Canonsburg, PA. The main building is finished. I am working on its support structure (that which holds the main building up in the air). My first attempt at building it last year, failed. I am now building "version 2".

June 3, 2022

I completed the installation of all of the crossbraces that go in between the gussets on the Hazel mine coal tipple support structure.

June 10, 2022

I installed the tiny angle brackets to the bottom of the vertical columns of the coal tipple support structure's sub-assemblies. Updated photos can be seen near the bottom of this page.

June 17, 2022

Due to a heavy workload this week, I was unable to get any actual modeling work done. I did, however, find some time to update my articles about resistors and LEDs. The latter with a new component that I was able to experiment with this week.

June 24, 2022

This was one of those two-steps-forward, one-step-back kind of weeks. Having attached the styrene angles to the bottom of the Plastruct ABS vertical columns of the coal tipple support structure's frame sections, I tried to do a "dry-run" of how I am going to glue those into position on the module. In the process several of the angles simply dropped off. The lesson learned is that styrene and ABS cannot be glued together using Plastruct's "Plastic Weld". I am now reinforcing each of them with superglue, and then drilling a hole through the two angles and the H-column, and supergluing a small section of brass wire in that hole, to act as a "bolt". This takes a while to do.

July 1, 2022

I was able to complete the supergluing of the angles to the bottoms of the H-columns of the frame sub-assemblies of the tipple support structure. I had no other time for model railroading work, other than having devised a plan for a temporary jig that will help me to insure that the sub-assemblies will be glued into position even and square to one another.