PRR Chartiers Branch: Hazel Mine - To-do List

This listing goes from relatively fine-grained to much coarser as you progress down the listing, as future tasks aren't as well thought out as the ones coming up next. However, it should give you an idea of where I'm heading. Since this is a hobby, I have no clue as to how long all of these individual tasks are going to take.

  1. Install the tie plates, the rail, the turnouts, and the turnout controls.
  2. Paint/weather the rails.
  3. Thoroughly test the track.
  4. Finalize the ballasting.
  5. Apply scenic details to the track area.
  6. Build the mine tunnel entrance.
  7. Build a model of the tipple.
  8. Build a model of the boiler house.
  9. Build a model of the water tanks.
  10. Build a model of the fan shaft.
  11. Build a model of the walkway bridge.
  12. Build a model of the storage house.
  13. Build a model of the supply house.
  14. Complete the scenic detailing (figures, animals, trees, bushes, cars, trash, etc.).
  15. Plan the next module or set of modules.